2 de septiembre de 2011

Day make-up (English version)

These are the steps I followed in this look to get a quick and easy day make-up.
  1. The primordial is to wash-up your face with abundant water and an appropiated soap for your type of skin. I think it's not necessary to write it, but just in case.
  2. If you want to cover your facial imperfections you can apply a concealer to pat and blend with a brush (circular motion), then the pre-base on the T (forehead, nose, cheeks and chin) and finally the foundation (from the nose to the outside of the face, always going down). If not, you can skip to the next step.
  3. With a black eye pencil, trace the upper lash line and only 2/3 of all the bottom line (more or less to the pupil). Blur the lines to make the contour not too marked.
  4. Apply brown shadow (this is a good example) in the almond of the eye and just a little bit to the inferior part. Blend it with the technique "Eye rounded (from the 20s)", i.e. the banana from outside to inside, several times. You can choose the tone you want, if you want a darker look.., but I recommend a light brown as a make-up for the day.
  5. Apply a vanilla tone in the arch of the eye and blend it with brown to melt them.
  6. Put black mascara on your lashes, if you want you can also put it in the lower ones (like a guitar). Don't charge them too much, remember that it has to radiate naturality.
  7. Concentrate brozing powder on the apples (the zone in the cheeks that stick when you smile).
  8. Finally, put some peach lipstick, or any shade of brown with your finger. Repeat the process with a gloss. This is to achieve a natural and subtle touche.
And that's it! You can see it isn't so much complicated. Any doubt or question, you can ask me via e-mail, by twitterfacebook or with a comment. I'll answer you ASAP. Hope you like it girls :)

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